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PostSubject: REPAIR INFO   Wed 26 Oct - 13:51

Hey all,

Im going to start doing on the side computer repair work. I have 2 years experience as a computer tech for firedog at circuit city. I also am a computer tech for geek squad at best buy. I have knowledge of all versions of windows. I have experience diagnosing and troubleshooting as well as installing hardware. My rates compare with any companies you would take your computer too and i promise to make the work a priority. My basic rates.

Optimization (clean up, tweak, basically make the computer run as fast as possible as well as run simple diagnostics. $20.00.
Full Diagnostic (diagnose for viruses, diagnose hardware issues, computer is blue screening, etc). $30.00
Network set up( set up new wireless network or LAN network $20.00
1 hour of labor $30.00

I can also work out payment plans, im very fair, and am in need of work!

I have zero computeres in que and im ready for work, my cell phone number is 801-750-6406.

You can either post on this forum with your information including a number to reach you, or you can email me at dillingadrew@gmail.com, or of coarse you can call me as well.

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